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Postby noctisx » Mon 03.19.2012 8:41 pm

I am a high school student trying my best to learn Japanese on my own :D
I am not a total beginner, but I wouldn't say I'm an "intermediate" level yet :sweatdrop:

I rather like Japanese history, technology, music....etc. I actually hope to spend my summer there on the YFU summer program ^^

I hope to use this site to not only supplement my learning, but to converse with other people who are also studying Japanese and have an interest in Japan :)
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Re: はじめまして^^

Postby SakeIt2Me » Wed 03.21.2012 11:54 pm

TJP e youkoso!

Looks like a good program, at the quick glance I gave it. :)
I've hardly been around here but intend to be by more often from now on. Hopefully that works.
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