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Postby organicclay » Sun 03.25.2012 2:48 pm

Hi. I am trying to learn Japanese/ mostly to read but also to listen. I appreciate any and all support that I will receive. So far this month I have learned hiragana and 40 of the initial kanji, although I am still a little overwhelmed by the pronunciations for he kanji. I hope to soon become a part of your wonderful community. Thank you again.
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Re: hello

Postby phreadom » Sun 03.25.2012 3:11 pm

Welcome to TJP organicclay-san! :wave:

I noticed you pop in the chat for a second... sometimes it takes us a second to notice when someone pops in because we're not always looking at the screen. :) Feel free to pop in there again if you want, otherwise I look forward to seeing you around the forum etc. :bow:
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