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Postby ching103 » Fri 10.14.2005 12:46 pm

Hi, MiNasah,

I am a new member on this forum. I like Japanese history, TV programs and animations. I am learning Japanese now. It is nice to meet you. For me, learning Japanese grammar is more difficult than learning English. I am looking forward to learning Japanese with you all. :p
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RE: Hi

Postby Zeo » Sun 10.16.2005 8:37 am


Welcome to this page
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RE: Hi

Postby WacKostRacKo » Sun 10.16.2005 8:49 am

はじめまして! hope that you find this site useful!:D
tanuki wrote:
How about:

外人: これはすしです。すしが好きです。
日本人: おお!日本語が上手ですね。
外人: Erm....what?

story of my life...
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RE: Hi

Postby Mariya » Sun 10.16.2005 9:34 am

Konnichiwa! Make yourself at home! :D
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RE: Hi

Postby ShinDig » Sun 10.16.2005 11:04 am

welcome :D
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