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Postby sushiro » Mon 04.16.2012 7:44 am

hello every body, iam alex ,, iam egyptian,, japanese language bigginer, its my pleasure to join this site to learn japanese step by step,, actually i was going to give up creating anew account in this site after i got to lose my mode when i couldnt set my password, but finally and in my last chance i got it,, so iam kinda happy that i didnt give up early,, i wish to have alot of friend in here ,, and i wish to learn japanese profissional level in this site,,, iam 23 years old married japanese girl,,, nice to meet you all, and see you....................

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Re: ようこそ

Postby phreadom » Mon 04.16.2012 1:25 pm

Welcome to TJP Alex-san! :)

If you have any trouble in the future, please don't hesitate to send us an email about it and I'll try to help you get it figured out. :)

http://thejapanesepage.com/contact :bow:
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Re: ようこそ

Postby Adriano » Mon 04.16.2012 1:39 pm

ようこそ Alexさん!
I have some エジプト人 friends in my town, your cuisine is amazing! (mmm...falafels...)
see you! :wave:
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