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Hi everyone, I'm Shantell. ^^

I guess to start off I'm a 20 year old college student who is majoring in Theatre Performance. I've been taking Japanese classes for almost 4 years and even though it might sound like I'm advanced I'm still FAR from it. I'm still far from being fluent and my reading and writing of Kanji is incredibly poor haha.

I've always gotten A's in all of my Japanese classes but the reason why I'm still not fluent yet is because I could never find a place where I could continue talking to other Japanese speakers in order to retain my knowledge of it. I hope to do that here as well as make friends. I'd really like to start off by making a friend who is excellent at the language to help me become fluent at it. I'd like to become fluent at Japanese because I really love all of it's culture so much and plan to visit next summer for a month.

As for more of my interests, I love to play video games, sew, and browse the internet. ^^ It's very nice to meet all of you!

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