Oi :D

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Oi :D

Post by jaayg » Sun 06.03.2012 5:58 pm

Oi! my name is Juju and i'm from portugal, Lisbon :bow:
I'm really interested in learning japanese because i want to take the subject Asian Studies in University and since i couldn't find any place nearby to learn japanese, learning online was my second option
but i was really disappointed when i saw some websites saying that it was for free and next saying that i had to pay to take the lessons, its not like i don't want to pay but i don't like to buying/paying things through the internet... then i found this website and i think its way better then the others
things you should know about me:
- I speak portuguese, crioules of cape verd and guinea-bissau :D
- though i understand english writting in this language is my weakest point :sweatdrop:
- i love soccer :D
- i enjoy reading horror books, supernatural romances, Historical Romances and of course manga and manhwa
- I only listen Punk Rock, Reggea,House and Kuduro
- I want to work as a japanese-portuguese translator
btw: "oi" in portuguese means "Hi or "Hello" :D
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Re: Oi :D

Post by xiujk71 » Tue 06.05.2012 4:58 am

Oi :D
Im learning japanese too, in Singapore :D
Im not sure about using 'Oi' in Japan, but it is rude to use 'Oi' in Singapore, and mostly used on friends, family, etc. Yeah.

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Re: Oi :D

Post by lopka » Sat 06.09.2012 5:00 am

Ola Juju !
No Porto podes aprender Japones na Faculdade de Letras! Nao sera isso tambem possivel em Lisboa, ainda mais havendo um Departamento de Estudos Asiaticos?

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