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Postby viscid2012 » Mon 06.04.2012 7:29 am


I hope I spelled that correctly!

My name is Ben. I am a dad, a digital artist, and a digital librarian.

I have been studying Japanese off and on for over a year. I was engaged in a language exchange with a native of Japan for a while, but our lives led us in different directions a few months back and--though I still get to see her sometimes--I have been looking for a way to keep up my studies. I have a decent grasp of grammar and sentence structure, and I am working on my vocabulary and listening skills. I have shamefully neglected my hiragana and katakana repetition exercises, but am doing better with my hiragana again. I need to spend more time with my katakana.

Anyway, I look forward to pleasant and informative interactions (hopefully mutually beneficial) on this site! Thanks to all who make it possible!

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