Ohayou gozaimasu

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Ohayou gozaimasu

Post by Mikachu » Thu 06.28.2012 1:09 pm

Hello My name is Shamika but I go by Mika or what my girl schout troops call me Mikachu. I am 24 year old and attend college ever semester. I am taking Japanese and my sensei thought it was good for me to get a pen pal to help improve my japanese conversation. I have a slight visual problem but I don't allow that to get in my way. I enjoy music and enjoy singing Gackt's song more of hopefully when I am done my sensei wants to send me to japan to learn japanese braille.

Hello my name is Mika my girl scouts gave me the nickname Mikachu I am 24 years old and enjoy the Japanese culture and language. I am currently in college taking Japanese and other courses. I love japanese music and is into Visual Kei I am near the intermidate level but went to take the second of beginner's to not forget. My Sensei is thinking about sending me to japan to study japanese braille because of a visual impairment I have. I see a little but fear I might go blind one day. He told me my assignment was to find a PEn-pal from japan to help fluent my conversation skill and help with kanji. I am on the intergrated course in elementary japanese Genki. in the fall my book will change.

Arigatou gozaimasu.
I look forward in meeting all of you.

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Re: Ohayou gozaimasu

Post by phreadom » Thu 06.28.2012 3:25 pm

Welcome to TJP! :wave:

(new member's first posts are moderated, so that's why they don't show up at first. I took your two messages and stuck them together. Sorry for the confusion! :bow: )

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Re: Ohayou gozaimasu

Post by shin4093 » Sun 07.01.2012 8:30 am

Hello Shamika! Welcome to TJP! I'm also a newbie here and I'm currently studying Japanese all by myself. I've actually learned quite a number of words/sentences myself just by watching anime and listening to JPop/JRock. If you need an online buddy, it would be nice if we become friends. I may not be as advanced as you though, so please help me too with the stuff you know.


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