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Postby AntonioRomero » Thu 07.19.2012 11:52 am


I am looking for Japanese people who play TRPGs (Table Talk Role Playing Games, no Electronic Roleplaying Games) such as Alshard, Alshard ff, Alshard Gaia, Meykyu Kingdom, Blade of Arcana, Night Wizard!, Sword World...

I am curious about how these are played in Japan.

We could exchange information.

You may private message me if necessary to get my email address.

Thanks a lot

PS: No purpose of flirting, I am a married man. Just learning Japanese and talking about Japanese TRPG's / Western pen and paper RPG's.

EDIT: edited to remove email address from public view. If people want to email you they can PM you and you can give it to them privately. No sense in opening yourself up to spam etc. --Phreadom
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