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Postby 海賊狩り » Tue 08.07.2012 9:25 am

Good afternoon to all japanese learners. I'm more than happy having found a place to practice my, truth is, poor Japanese skills. I've been studying for about a year or so and am looking forward to my first N5 examination. Born and raised in Greece I first encountered Japanese culture and language elements in my local Karate dojo. Please feel free to correct any future blunders and mistakes, after all that's the main reason I'm here! See you around ..
Please be so kind to correct any errors I make while writing in Japanese.
I'll greatly appreciate it!
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Re: 今晩は!!!

Postby LordOfTheFlies » Tue 08.07.2012 12:32 pm

Hiya! Welcome to TJP, I hope you like your stay. If you've got any questions feel free to ask them on the forum, or on the chat!

The expressions こんばんは and こんにちは are usually not written with kanji, it's technically not incorrect but I'd advise you to not do so for now at least :)

I'm impressed to see that you can read 海賊狩り even though you're studying for the N5 exam. Good luck with your studies and I hope you do well on the exam :)

Oh and btw, One Piece is pretty awesome ^^
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