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Postby ItzWizz » Tue 08.21.2012 1:43 pm

I meant to write this in japanese but since most of us here are just starting to learn it, I guess I'll just write in english!!!! I go by the WizAmin(Amin being my real name) or just wiz for short!!! I'm a 2nd year student in college studying prgramming and I'm also a translator!!! I translate as a hobby and cuz its just so fun!!!!! I've been studying japanese since 2008 so I can read and write japanese quite well!!! I also like to travel...... A LOT lol!!!! I just hope to help others understand japanese since I taught myself how to speak until recently when I attended some classes and I also hope to meet some cool people here!!!! And that's it!!! Nice meeting you guys!! よろしくお願いします :)
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