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Howdy Yal!!! Lol ^_^

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Howdy Yal!!! Lol ^_^

Postby Tayklass2012 » Sat 11.03.2012 1:43 am

はじめまして!! ルイス•テイラーです。十八歳です。アメリカ人です。よるしくおねがいします。
Hi nice to meet you all :wave: . My name is Taylor, I'm 18 years old and is American. To be more exact I'm from Texas (which is why I was kidding and said howdy, the people I know really don't say this. Just wanted a different greeting then hi lol) anyway I'm a female which might not have been obvious from my name. I'm a freshmen in college who is fluent in English and have studied Spanish for 3 years and have been teaching myself Japanese for about a month. I know all of my kana and a few kanji. I try to avoid romanji at all cost however it is slightly unpreventable due to me having to type the romanji into the keyboard for it to transform to kana/kanji. However, I'm avoiding it as best as I can so please excuse me if my kana is sometimes off due to my lack in romaji spelling. I am learning Japanese out of pure passion. :bow: I love the music, tradition, language, food, culture and just about everything. I haven't really practiced my Japanese verbally due to embarrassment :blush: that I'll sound terrible(I tried once for my friend and she laughed and said my accent came out Spanish, which is hard to help since I've been learning Spanish for so many years). However, I hope to overcome this embarrassment and advance in my knowledge. :) Hajimemashite!!! :D
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Re: Howdy Yal!!! Lol ^_^

Postby no_username » Sat 11.03.2012 2:57 pm

It's been nice having just met you as well. :bow: You'll get over the embarrassment of verbally communicating in Japanese soon enough, trust me. I tried speaking to my friend in Japanese, he didn't laugh. Turns out he wanted to learn it too :P So now we pretty much converse all the time, and it's really fun.

Then there are those times people constantly ask you "How do you say _____ in Japanese?". There was one time one of my friends dared me to speak it the whole day, it didn't go so well... :sweatdrop:

Uhh, what else should I say...がんばります!
I forgot I even had this account :/ Two years and a week after first creating it and this is probably only the second time I've accessed it, haha
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