Hi, I'm Drocell

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Julchen Drocell
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Hi, I'm Drocell

Post by Julchen Drocell » Sat 11.10.2012 10:02 pm

Hullo Everyone, it is a pleasure to make all nine hundred and.... sixty something aquaintences! (No sarcasm intended) :wave:
I'm from Texas, but I hope to move to either Tokyo or Hamburg(Germany) and study to be a forensic scientist. Because Tokyo is so very far from both my current and/or native home, I hope to learn as much as possible about both culture/tradition and language before moving. For TJP users, you can all call me Drocell. Everyone else, Ms.Cainz-B.
have a pleasant... day, night, afternoon! :D
guten morgen, tag, abend!!
---Drocell C. Beilschmidt

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Re: Hi, I'm Drocell

Post by chikara » Thu 11.15.2012 10:18 pm

TJPへようこそ :wave:
Don't complain to me that people kick you when you're down. It's your own fault for lying there

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