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Postby AlmostAutumn » Sun 11.11.2012 8:16 pm


And that's about it for my Japanese, which may or may not be right :P I've been trying to self-teach for about a year (with some months where I just did not study at all) and it has been very challenging for me to find teaching methods that work well for me. Just recently, though, I have pretty much solidified my studies, from the coursebooks I'm using to ways of remembering those pesky kanji (drawings that I have taped all over my house :whistle: ). My community college has finally opened up a Japanese course for Spring so I will be taking that also, and I decided to try out this forum so I can practice and spruce up my conversational japanese. I have not tried out the learning sections yet but they do seem interesting.
I do not have enough knowledge of Japanese to be a study-partner, but I am more than ready to learn beside you.

Sorry for the long post; I am very excited to start practicing Japanese with others finally!

*I have been interested in picking up Children's Books and Manga that supports furigana. I would prefer manga that is targeted for a younger audience for its more basic language; can you help recommend some? Furthermore, what are some good children's book? I got a pretty good kick from "The Mouse Princess" (I think that's the name?), and Children's Books seem ideal to me for learning. I would like manga solely for their length and drawings, but children's book are certainly preferred.
**Do you have a preference import site? I live close to New York City where there's a terrific Japanese book store, but I would rather order online for convenience.
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Re: こんばんは

Postby chikara » Thu 11.15.2012 10:17 pm

TJPへようこそ :wave:
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