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Postby TheRamosOnline » Sat 12.29.2012 9:39 pm

I'm a comic writer and avid online gamer here to learn some Japanese!

Out of curiosity, how active do these forums get? I see 3 users currently online and 230 guests, so I'm a little worried.
Well, anyway, I hope to get along with everyone.
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Re: よろしく

Postby SakeIt2Me » Sun 12.30.2012 11:07 am

Hajimemashite. Douzo yorishuku. (Clearly, I'm not on here often. In fact I haven't even enabled IME on my new PC yet and I've had it for awhile now :blush: )

I do a lot more lurking than actual signing in and posting. Partly because I have a pathetically irregular study routine and therefore try to avoid embarrassing myself...this however must stop! Let's practice our poor Japanese skills together! (assuming you're at that point also!)

Do you have a particular book you're using or are you starting right with TJP?
Maybe I will meet you one day, maybe Wednesday, maybe not...not
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