hello everyone!

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hello everyone!

Post by barbarr » Mon 12.31.2012 11:38 pm

Hello world! こんにちは!
I am interested in learning Japanese because 1)I like learning and, obviously, 2) the pop culture is awesome.
English is my main language, Spanish is the language I learn at school, and Tamil is the language my parents speak. I usually understand what my parents say, but I respond to them in English. Maybe I should try learning Tamil someday.
I like learning new scripts. I can comfortably read Cyrillic script and Greek script and, more recently, Hiragana script. Unfortunately, however, I have no idea when it comes to the languages associated with them.
I want to actually learn Japanese this time. I hope that I will find a way.

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Re: hello everyone!

Post by SakeIt2Me » Tue 01.01.2013 10:45 am

Welcome, barbarr! Best wishes in your Japanese studies.
I have no idea what sort of language Tamil is, but highly recommend that you do learn it while you have your parents there to help you with it. Do not pass up the chance to be taught by teachers who (don't charge you money and) actually care about you!

Maybe I will meet you one day, maybe Wednesday, maybe not...not

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