Greetings to everybody in here from the Netherlands!

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Greetings to everybody in here from the Netherlands!

Post by Courbois » Mon 02.04.2013 2:22 pm

Hello everybody. Here is my short introduction.
Like many on this forum, I think, my knowledge of Japan is limited to what I've seen in the manga and anime artworks. I do not believe that those paint an accurate picture of the country and culture, but it will have to do. I do like that art quite much, but never really much enough to take up learning the Japanese language.

That changed about three months ago, when I 'discovered' something new : this thing called vocaloids. Most specifically, the music of Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin and Len, and Megurine Luka. It is like a whole new world opened up to me. I have seen some of their grand shows on youtube. The concept of fans coming together to wave and sing along and enjoy some computer generated anime characters who are dancing and singing on stage, that would be impossible in my country.
But I love it.

When I first discovered them, I tried to get some translations to their music. But quite quickly I realised that this wouldn't work. Firstly there aren't enough translations available, secondly translations just don't do. In order to fully enjoy this music, I need to learn the Japanese language.
After some searching I found this site. And now, in just two months, I think I've got the hiragana basically covered. Next I need to get my reading speed up, that's just a matter of time, and a lot of good resources. There is enough of that!
I am also starting with the katagana now, and the basic grammar section.
When I began this two months ago, I was afraid it would take me about 15 years to learn good enough Japanese. Well I am 54 years old now, and age does matter. But now I am sure that it is not really *that* complicated. About 2000 kanji to go, it is just *much* to learn. Wondering where I will be, in about three years from now . . .
In the mean time, I am really enjoying this!
Thank you.
John Courbois

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Re: Greetings to everybody in here from the Netherlands!

Post by Ongakuka » Mon 02.04.2013 6:16 pm

Welcome, John :wave:

In Japanese, there is a phrase 好きなこそものの上手なれ which means that one becomes skilled at what one loves. I'm sure your passion for vocaloid will enhance your progress at the Japanese language phenomenally. TJP is one of many great resources to help you, and I'm sure you can make many friends here that share your interests.


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