Introducing myself :p

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Introducing myself :p

Post by Elfeera » Sat 02.23.2013 12:35 pm


I am Marijke, 29 years old and living in Belgium.
I am a complete beginner, my interest in Japanese language started when a childhood friend took op Japanology in University, and she went to Tokyo for an exchange year, her blog about life in Japan, got me interested.
After graduating here, she went back, she met a Japanese guy, and after a couple of years they got married (we were on their Belgian wedding)
Their vows were a combination of English/Dutch/Japanese.

I had done an evening course, for a semester, but then I got surgery done, and an infection, and I had to abandon it, but the idea was always there: someday, unfortunately, it's not always possible to do it in evening courses (too far, not compatible with working hours).

So, self education, I do not have a lot of discipline in studying, but I have a lot of time on the train to work, and what better way of spending that time on learning a fascinating language (I do suppose it will be Hiragana and Katakana in the beginning). I have no knowledge of Kanji at all.

I was afraid of learning this language, and not being able to maintain it, but with this site, it might be do able, if I find people in the neighbourhood, it might even be easier.

Too bad I have just found this website, in 4 weeks we are going to Tokyo, visiting my friend and her husband, it would have been nice to have some basic Japanese on the way, now it will be relying on some Japanese in guides, and my friends willingness to explain everything.

Any help is, ofcourse, welcomed, as is any friendly word or encouragement.

Singing this, still a bit scared with the daunting task ahead.

I'm an absolute beginner.

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