Hi, Kevin from Munich here!

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Hi, Kevin from Munich here!

Post by Kevelinu » Tue 03.05.2013 2:15 pm

Hi guys,
My name is Kevin, I am 18 years old and a student of german "Gymnasium" in my final year in Munich. I guess "Gymnasium" is kind of live the American high school?!
Well, I have been intersted in Japan and Japanese for quite some time now and I have plans of having a longer trip to Japan by my self after I graduated (about September this year).
I have some friends in Japan that even visited me once here in Germany. I know some very basic Japanese, I guess I also learn a bit by watching Anime on a daily basis, but not a whole lot. Since I have to study a lot right now for school, I don't really have time now but I want to really learn Japanese at a school maybe when I am finished. I hope to get some help on this site as well!
I joined mostly because I am actually really intersted in stuff about daily life in Japan and upcoming questions about my trip.
Well, hope to have a good time here!
Maybe I used to be a Japanese guy in my previous life...?

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Re: Hi, Kevin from Munich here!

Post by Ongakuka » Tue 03.05.2013 6:13 pm

Welcome to TJP Kevin! :wave:

This is a great place to ask questions about Japan, living in Japan or pretty much anything related to Japan. You can also study Japanese, or simply hang out and chat about general things.

Yoroshiku! :bow:

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Re: Hi, Kevin from Munich here!

Post by Elfeera » Wed 03.06.2013 2:03 pm

[quote="Kevelinu" upcoming questions about my trip.
Well, hope to have a good time here!

Hi, I'm going there in 2.5 weeks, to Tokyo/Kyoto/Nikko, for three weeks, so you can ask ^^µ

And of course welcome, don't forget to visit the TJP chat
I'm an absolute beginner.

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