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My name is Cave, from the USA. I've been practicing Japanese for quite a number of years now, but I have only recently REALLY become serious about it. I've been trying to read manga in Japanese and have a collection of about 70 volumes, but now I'm also practicing writing kanji, listening to podcasts in Japanese, and even reading a novel. I've also been using the Lang-8 website. I love it so far.

What really inspired me to become more serious about learning was actually when I got a Kindle for Christmas from my parents. From there, I got this wonderful program called Obenkyo and I can put my Japanese novels on there and include notes and look up words online at JDIC. It's been much easier and better than writing down every, single word I don't know and looking it up later. -.-

Looking forward to meeting everyone here and I hope I don't have to ask too many questions! lol

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