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jap > eng > jap

Post by wakuiz » Tue 11.01.2005 9:22 am

how to write in jap :

i've give up
thinking of you

Can help me wif this? plss;)

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RE: jap > eng > jap

Post by AJBryant » Tue 11.01.2005 9:50 am

"I give up" (not "I've give up") in English has two common meanings: "I quit" and "I surrender (to the police)" -- without context, I have no idea what you want.
"Thinking of you" is only a sentence fragment.

What do you *want* to say? What is the intention, who is saying this (are you writing a letter, or text for a story?) and who is it being said to?

CONTEXT, man. It matters.


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