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Postby bychang93 » Fri 05.31.2013 3:38 am


I actually joined this site many years ago, but university entrance exams and part-time jobs got in the way of my Japanese self-study. Finally found this site again after all these years. And now I'm attempting to pick up where I left off with Japanese, due to the Vocaloids :P

I'm interested to practice Japanese here again, but honestly I do not know where to begin :whistle:
I'm still at beginner level though, just remember the Hiragana, Katakana, and some Kanji. Grammar and particles are way over my head though :blush:

Currently in university studying as an undergraduate. Right now is my 1st Year Summer Break, so I finally have some time to devote to Japanese self-study again :D

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Re: はじめまして

Postby SomeCallMeChris » Sat 06.01.2013 1:57 am


If I were you, I would install anki, and the Japanese support extension,

You could either make your own cards from words as you encounter them, or download the 'Core 2k/6k Optimized Japanese Vocabulary' shared deck.

You can study grammar with this site's Grammar Lessons on the 'Learn' menu or here, http://thejapanesepage.com/grammar , as well as sites like tae kim's guide, jref, jgram.

Don't forget to get in some listening practice, pref. with a complete written guide to what's be spoken, for example, this site's Yuki monogatari, http://thejapanesepage.com/ebooks/yuki_no_monogatari
and definitely check out Erin's challenge, https://www.erin.ne.jp/

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Re: はじめまして

Postby bychang93 » Sun 06.02.2013 4:42 am

Wow, that's a lot of resources. Thanks for sharing!

I'm also interested in practicing Japanese by posting on the "Practice Japanese" subforum, but I have no idea what to say if I were to start a new topic :?

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