Nyar from Australia

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Nyar from Australia

Post by Nyar » Wed 06.19.2013 12:02 am

Hi, im Nyar from Australia.

I love everything Japanese! I have been to Japan twice and my significant other is Japanese.

I have uber amounts of motivation and intend to reach low-advanced proficiency level in 6 months.

I have been studying for just less than a month and I am currently upto chapter 10 in Genki book one. (re-written in full kanjified form.)

I am always happy to discuss anything Japanese, including new and exciting study methods. And I am looking for a motivated study partner!

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Re: Nyar from Australia

Post by SomeCallMeChris » Wed 06.19.2013 4:10 pm


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Re: Nyar from Australia

Post by zhangjunhai » Thu 06.20.2013 2:27 am

Nice to meet you !

宜しく お願いします。
http://www.tiengnhatclub.com ( みんなちがって、みんないい )

世界には いろいろな国が あります。いろいろな文化が あります。クラスには いろいろな国の人が います。

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