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Postby Wasted » Wed 11.02.2005 7:11 pm

Hello there, I've been trying to learn Japanese for while now but just the Hirigana and the Katakana and a few words... And lucky enough I came across this site. loads of information I hope one day I can watch my anime RAW and goto Japan and speak to the people there.

Well thought I would say hello to everyone... but i do have one question if anyone can help. In my book and on the site it says わたしは=watashi wa but the symbol for "waわ" looks like "haは" to me... am i going mad is it ha but sounds like wa.. or being stupid by missing something.

Hope someone can clear this up for me, as I have been going mad about this for a while and no one i know that speaks Japanese( probably cos most English people are to lazy to learn any language let alone Japanese:D.)

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RE: hellllllllllooooo

Postby Christian_ » Wed 11.02.2005 7:30 pm

はじめましてWastedさん. In Japanese わ Is Pronounced Wa But In Some Cases は Is Pronounced Wa. Normally It Is Pronounced Ha. Hope That Helps, Good Question Tho It Reminded Me I Need To Go Study About That And When は Is Pronounced Wa.;)
1) Have decent proficiency in Japanese, enough to get around/talk/read/write.
2) Visit Japan for a week or so one summer.
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RE: hellllllllllooooo

Postby Infidel » Wed 11.02.2005 7:51 pm

the particle wa is written ha in kana and sometimes in romaji. When wa is part of a word it is always written wa. It is only written ha when it is a particle.
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RE: hellllllllllooooo

Postby Wasted » Thu 11.03.2005 7:25 am

I'm doing fine thanks Kurisuchan. Thanks to both of you for clearing that up for me that was the one thing that was annoying the hell out of me for ages. Cheers
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