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Postby klassasin » Fri 11.04.2005 8:57 pm

こんにちは. おげんき です か? げんき です
Anyways, I'm trying to learn Japanese. Still trying to memorize Hiragana. I lack the time to sit down and memorize, yet I do what I can. For me, Japanese is fun. I'm able to speak English fluently while I can speak Spanish semi-fluently. I find Japanese to be a challenge that I'd like to conquer.

Quick Question: What's the proper way to say "I love you"? I know the verb is aisuru (あいする).

どうも ありがとう ございます
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RE: こんにちは

Postby Christian_ » Fri 11.04.2005 9:50 pm

1) Have decent proficiency in Japanese, enough to get around/talk/read/write.
2) Visit Japan for a week or so one summer.
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