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Hello from vividlion

Post by vividlion » Sun 01.05.2014 2:46 am

Hello everyone!

thought I would introduce myself,
I've been interested in Japan and their culture since 2002, I currently enjoy creating Japanese style plushies as a hobby which I sell online, and also love watching a few anime such a one piece, bleach, naruto.

foods I enjoy eating are ramen, sukiyaki, sashime, teriyaki chicken, and teppanyaki, I have had sake before and it's very VERY strong, but I also enjoy listening to the Shamisen music I find it very soothing and wouldn't mind listening to that over a nice hot cup of sake and talking with a friend :D

I'm yet to travel there and would like to visit Kyoto, Okinawa, Tokyo, Hokkaido and other places that have a few several attractions.

I hope to get to know more about you here now that you know a little about me and look forward seeing everyone around the boards.

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