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Eoghan Maoldomhnaigh
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Post by Eoghan Maoldomhnaigh » Fri 03.14.2014 1:12 pm

Dia Dhuit, everyone,

I'm new here, and, if I am honest, you can't rely on my being a regular (although only God knows for sure what the future holds). I'm here for a number of things, but mostly to discuss culture. I've been interested by East Asian culture, Japanese in particular, for some time now, having been a prolific "consumer" of anime a few years ago. I've since tapered off in this enthusiasm for numerous reasons, but I still have a fondness for some pieces of J-Culture. I'll be posting my first thread soon enough, which should explain why I'm here.

Look forward to debating with you all

In this small respect (the Japanese) affect me like cats. I mean that I love them, their easy civilisation, their unique unreplaceable art, the testimony they bear to the bustling, irrepressible activities of
nature and man.

-G.K. Chesterton, 1935

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Re: Hello

Post by Dustin » Fri 03.14.2014 11:39 pm


Debating culture with us eh? It could be interesting!

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