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Postby r0ck3rf3!!0w » Sun 04.20.2014 11:22 am

 Hi all! My name is Reginald, but most of my call me, "Bubbles". I took Japanese class last year for part of a semester, and during that time, I was at the top of my class. Most of the kids in Japanese club gave me the nickname プリンセスバブルーくん (purinsesubaburu-kun, Princess Bubbles) because of the Princess cut earrings I favored. I don't know that much Japanese, due to the fact that I only took part of one-semester for a two-semester class, but I'm excited about Japanese and I'm far more than willing to learn any and everything that can be taught to me! If you wish, you may call me あわーくん (Awa-kun, Bubbles), Bubbles, or Reggie, whichever suits your preference, and I hope that I will meet many a teacher and friend. HELLO TJP!!! :D :wave: :mrgreen: :lol: ^_^
-The Red Bear, Rockie J of The Indy Indies
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Re: こにちわ!

Postby Dustin » Fri 05.09.2014 12:52 pm

TJPへようこそ ^O^/
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