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View topic - 初めまして! Hello and nice to meet you all!

初めまして! Hello and nice to meet you all!

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初めまして! Hello and nice to meet you all!

Postby aethernity » Fri 06.20.2014 5:01 am


私は音楽と、言語と、特撮を好きです!同じ事の興味を持つ人があれば 友達になりましょう〜 

頑張ります!よろしくお願いします! :wave:


(not identical content haha)

Hello everyone! I'm Jia, and I started studying Japanese about four years back. I've never taken any formal classes (it's been self-study the whole way), and so my spoken Japanese is rather weak, but I can read and understand Japanese. I'm still learning and working on improving, so all help is more than welcome! I also speak English (evidently! XD), Chinese (a bit of Cantonese), Malay and Korean.

It's nice to meet you all, and let's get along! I hope to learn much from everyone here :D
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Re: 初めまして! Hello and nice to meet you all!

Postby Dustin » Fri 06.20.2014 8:44 pm

That is a lot of languages!!

I think a lot of the people here are self taught as well, I can definitely read a lot more than I can speak atm as well ^_^

Welcome to TJP!
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Re: 初めまして! Hello and nice to meet you all!

Postby littlegreen » Sat 06.21.2014 5:25 pm

TJP へようこそ ( i stole dustins line :P )

that's a long time! i'm pretty much a noob :[

and as dustin said, that's a lot of languages! I'm trying to learn cantonese at the moment actually just conversational speaking though mainly. i'm finding Japanese easier.... :/
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