suggestions on where to begin

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suggestions on where to begin

Post by malos » Tue 10.14.2014 7:12 pm

Hello my name is David,

I want to learn japanese very much and have started self studying.

right now i can read hiragana, katakana and i am studinging N5 kanji list from japan activator.

I am not sure on best way to learn kanji.

Right now i just write and memorize the basic names i.e. 花 hana/flower. and also practice the readings of each.

example i write the stroke order stroke 1 then stroke 1 and 2 then stroke 1 2 and 3. then right the yomi in kana/hiragana. It is very difficult, then i practice the test. on Japan activator.

i also study verbs and words but i am very slow to memorize anything.

Soon i will join a group class to study and practice japanese.


Now I have given some basic info on my level.

I want to ask about lessons on learning Japanese for uses with a wholesaler.

My business requires me to order from a Japanese wholesaler and i really want to learn to communicate with them now in Japanese. Such as ordering via email and reserving items for order.

So far i know words like 予約 but i cannot make a sentence or know how to politely ask to order or place a reservation on future items.

nor thank them politely after they confirm.

I would very much appreciate tips or if anyone knows on specific site or lessons that will teach grammar and something similar to get me started with basic business transactions, it would be great so i can start practicing.

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