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Postby ShavenYak » Mon 10.20.2014 12:46 pm

Hello all,

I'm just starting to learn Japanese. Quick background: recently, my daughter has gotten into anime and manga, and I took her to Anime Weekend Atlanta, and we both had a blast. I've started catching up on stuff I've missed over the past decade or two - the last anime I had watched was InuYasha and Lupin III, late at night on Adult Swim when she was little and I was "awake" late at night; I had enjoyed both even though I was usually not able to pay enough attention to really follow the plot.

Anyway, I was up for a new intellectual challenge, and figured why not take a shot at learning the language? I've been picking at some vocabulary and grammar, but realized that I needed to get the kana down to make any more real progress, so that's been my focus for the past couple days. I've been using the free iPhone app to quiz myself and I've actually surprised myself at how well I'm getting it. But I'm still dreading tackling Kanji.

Anyway, I'll probably be poking my head into the forums with questions for the experts, and maybe to try to make some small talk once I feel capable of conversing at at least the level of a three year old. :)
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Re: はじめまして

Postby Ongakuka » Fri 10.24.2014 1:08 am

Welcome to TJP!

You're absolutely right, getting those kana down is the first place to start - but its pretty fun so have a blast :D
You can find great resources here and also feel free to join us in chat from time to time!
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