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Hello everybody

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Hello everybody

Postby PhilFrench » Sat 12.06.2014 5:22 pm

I am french from Paris in France and i don't know NOTHING about japanese language (and i don't globally know nothing about Japan). But I am very curious about this marvelous writing. Photograph and designer, i am 55y old and i think that english can be an interesting way to approach japanese culture.

If someone would accept to take my hand and help me to discover Japan customs and japanese writing, i should be happy and i propose the same in exchange about France.
Maybe it would be better for me to try by the TPJ Friend page, for introduce myself by the penpal way, i will take a look ! I am just discovering and visiting.

Thank you for having read me -Philippe-
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Re: Hello everybody

Postby TheDevilsAdmin » Tue 12.09.2014 3:36 am

that's a double negative, did you mean:
I know nothing about the Japanese language
I don't know anything about the Japanese language.
Don't fret it though, everyone makes mistakes and they're great ways to learn.

A double negative would be like saying I do not dislike ice cream (or in other words you do like ice cream).
Not really interested in a penpal I'm afraid but if you wanna talk do consider joining the chat, that's where I usually hang out.

Oh, and welcome to TJP! ^^
私は本当に大変忙しいです… 仕方がない。
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Re: Hello everybody

Postby mikkyaa » Tue 12.09.2014 3:40 am

Hello Phill!

I'm happy that you're taking an interest in Japanese culture and writing!
We have a wonderful online store on this page called The Japan Shop where you can buy study books and the likes of it =)

I recommend for customs and such, youtube have a lot of good video's on manner and culture notes. But I recon the best way to meet the culture is to go there and embrace it! ^^

I'm not sure if it's intentional, but when you say "I Don't know nothing" it's a double negative which means that you really do know something. If that isn't the case you can write " I don't know anything" instead =)

I hope you will find what you're looking for =)
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Re: Hello everybody

Postby PhilFrench » Tue 12.09.2014 1:33 pm

Hello and Thank you for your welcome !
Yes Yes, double positive ! You are both right right for my mistake and i was wrong wrong with my double negative. I wanted to say "i do not know anything" same as "i know nothing"... about japanese language. And i need to practice more my english, of course !
Thank you for the advice about The Japan Shop, i go now to take a look and to discover more in your nice website ! -Philippe-
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Re: Hello everybody

Postby SugoYari » Mon 12.15.2014 2:27 pm

Hi! Welcome to TJP! I'm a fellow member here just doing things and hanging around, introducing myself to other members. I have to say, despite your mistakes, you are very good with your English! I applaud you for your interest in both languages and wish you lots of luck! If you have any questions, you can message me or usually find me in the TJP chat room! (Usually in The Lounge chat.)

You can call me Kat or Sugo. Whichever you wish to call me. Hope to see you there!
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Re: Hello everybody

Postby PhilFrench » Mon 12.15.2014 2:41 pm

Thank you for your answer Kat or Sugo* !
I will not miss to look for you in the corridors and chat rooms of TJP !
See you soon :)
*Kidding... interesting situation to give two names to choose, i will be very hesitating ! :wink:
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Re: Hello everybody

Postby Video Translation » Thu 01.22.2015 1:22 pm

Hello Everybody

I feel great to be here. Thank you
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Video Translation
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