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Hello :-)

Post by koshakee » Tue 01.27.2015 11:18 pm

Hi Everyone!

My name is Ashley and I have just picked up a job as a LOTE (Japanese) teacher in Australia. It's just 1 day a week at 1 school so I will have 2 classes each week for grade 5 & 6 students. Sadly I'm more considered a time filler and a chance for other teachers to have non-contact time but I am still excited to be able to teach something I love.

My current level of Japanese is basic...I'm actually better at Mandarin but they wanted Japanese which I am more than happy to teach too. I did 5 years of Japanese in primary school but sadly didn't appreciate it until I was much older so while I did learn a lot and still remember it to this day, I could have learnt a whole lot more if I had have tried harder. I am going to have to do a lot of brushing up and am hoping I might find some help here when I have questions. :-)

I will be teaching at a school in the outback (North West Queensland) so the majority of my students are indigenous and don't see much value in learning another language. I am hoping to get my students excited about Japanese and maybe even begin to see the value of learning it. I have been asked to focus on culture which will be fun but I hope to also help them learn as much of the language as possible in the short time I have with them. I am super excited to teach Japanese as it is a culture and language that I love.

Anyway, that's a bit about me and why I am here. I would love to hear from anyone else who teaches Japanese to primary school children. I am having to develop my own curriculum from scratch so any suggestions for books/websites that might be helpful would be much appreciated!! Thanks!!

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Re: Hello :-)

Post by Ongakuka » Wed 01.28.2015 11:41 am

Hello Ashley,

Congratulations on getting that job! That's awesome :D

I don't know really any other textbooks to recommend than Minna-no-nihongo or Genki, as that was the standard at my own school. Also Kanji in Context is a popular choice for studying kanji.

As you say, I think the most important thing is to get the kids interested by expressing your passion for the language and the world that opens up with learning it.

Best of luck, and welcome to the site! :dance:

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