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Post by therelapse » Fri 02.13.2015 2:25 pm

hi my name is Kimberly , and I live in USA. I would really love to learn Japanese so when I get older I would like to move to Japan.i know some Japanese but I would love to learn more.well that's it :sweatdrop: Sorry for the awkward introduction

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Re: Hello!

Post by Ongakuka » Tue 02.17.2015 10:54 am

Hello Kimberly and welcome to TJP!

Feel free to join us in chat, or check out our articles and resources. If you're familiar with some Japanese, you might want to try reading ゆきの物語, written by RIchvh, one of our members. Or if you have any questions about Japan or the Japanese language, you can post them in the forum :)

Nice to have you on board! Aye :dance:

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