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こんにちわ みんなさん 。。。

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こんにちわ みんなさん 。。。

Postby Xavierre » Mon 12.12.2005 9:26 am

こんにちわ みんなさん。 Xavierre です。 よるしく。
I've just joined this big family! I came across this website, and i find this learning site really good for my studying of 日本語.:D

I've from Singapore and is first exposed to the 日本語 in school, but i only took the subject for half a year... And now, i hope to learn as much as i can in writing and communicating in the Japanese language...:D

I've really interested and determined to learn the 日本語, and the culture and trend of Japan, hope i can learn from all of you... :D

I'm looking for a learning partner(s) as well, whether is through emails or msn etc... Hope we can be friends ya? (",)
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RE: こんにちわ みんなさん 。。。

Postby Zeo » Mon 12.12.2005 10:22 am

はじめまして! :)


Welcome to this site:D;)
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RE: こんにちわ みんなさん 。。。

Postby huskobon » Mon 12.12.2005 10:27 am

Welcome to TJP Xavierre san ! Hajimemashite. :D
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RE: こんにちわ みんなさん 。。。

Postby Daisuke » Mon 12.12.2005 12:51 pm


Should be possible to find a learning partner here.

.. Welcome in the family then! :D ..
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