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Postby longwood » Tue 12.13.2005 7:36 am



maido (kansaiben)
oreha kounandaigaku no ryuugakusei gureggu desu.kounandaigakuha koubeni arimasu. nihonni kita tokikara oreno nihongoha yokunatta.dakara moshi nihongowo oboetainara nihon nikonaakan.

my name is greg and i am a konan university exchange student. konan university is in kobe. since i came to japan my japanese has become better. therefore, if you want to learn japanese you must come to japan.

If you have any questions I can try to help. Feel free to contact me.

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RE: まいど/こんにちは

Postby Zeo » Tue 12.13.2005 9:44 am


Welcome to this site :D
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RE: まいど/こんにちは

Postby Daisuke » Tue 12.13.2005 12:59 pm

Hey.. Looks like you know a lot.

It's easier to read the romaji if you space it, tho'.
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RE: まいど/こんにちは

Postby spank » Tue 12.13.2005 6:20 pm

Hey greg, nice to meet you. How is japan?

Can you explain one thing to me? the last part of your introduction has..

来なあかん and it means "must come to japan"? Can you explain this grammar to me; i've never seen it before.

thanks :p
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