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おはよう ございます。

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おはよう ございます。

Postby SaigoNoBan » Thu 12.15.2005 5:15 am

はじめまして、どうぞ よろしく お願い いたします。

私は Massimiliano と もうします。 日本語で それが 話しにくければ、Max と もうしられますよ。

イタリアに 住みます。 そして、 私の町は ミラノ です。 ここには とても 美して 有名な 絵が あります。 レオナルド ダ ヴィンチが 書きました。 私のNicknameは おなじ ですね。

日曜日では びじゅつかん の そば の 協会に 行きます、そして たくさん 日本人は 絵を 見て 行きます、 そして 私は いらっしゃい と 言えたい ですね。。。

ええと。。。 ここに 日本語を 習いたい です よね!!!

あなたがたに サイトな ので どうも ありがとう がざいます!!

How do you do, I am very pleased to meet you. My name is Massimiliano. Should that be too difficult to pronounce in Japanese, you may call me Max. I live in Italy, and my city is Milan. Here we have a very beautiful & famous painting, painted by Leonardo da Vinci (still a bit weak on passives, ne!). My nickname is the same (as the painting's title).
On Sundays I go to the church near the museum, and many Japanese people come to see the painting, and I want to be able to bid them welcome!
Ehm, so, I want to learn Japanese here (on the site). Thank you very much for the site!!B)

はい、 日本語が 大好き です なあ!!!
まことくん、 せかいに いらっしゃい!!

Thanks to everyone, and happy studying!
Corrections on the text above are highly appreciated. The whole thing about wa, for example, is a mystery I still have to crack.

This language is just ever so fascinating...

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RE: おはよう ございます。

Postby huskobon » Thu 12.15.2005 10:15 am

Welcome to TJP. :)

Good luck in your studys, and enjoy yourself.
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RE: おはよう ございます。

Postby reimi » Thu 12.15.2005 10:53 pm

hi hajimemashite. irasshai SaigonNoBan san.

good luck your japanese. :):):)

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RE: Hiya! Thanks for the welcomes!

Postby SaigoNoBan » Fri 12.16.2005 3:57 am

Huskobonさん、Reimiさん、 おはよう ございます。 どうも ありがとう。 お元気 です か。

Yes, thank you, I am really enjoying Japanese a lot. And although I have been at it for less than a month, I can see daily progress in my skills. Yesterday I was actually able to read out loud (and understand) a few sentences from two Japanese videogames. I'm so proud!!!:)

I think I'm gonna try JLPT level 4 in December next year, after all, I have still got a year to study. And I want to study real hard!

I'm currently learning the "verb" kanjis of level 4, while studying as much grammar as possible. Like, today's lesson: the passive above would be レオナルドに 書かれる 絵, right? And "you may call me Max" would more naturally be expressed by ”Max と もうして 下されます”, correct?

And most of all, I need conversation practice. I cannot really understand speech, which I think is normal at my stage, but what bothers me most is that I am excruciatingly slow at speaking, you know, remenbering vocabulary and, mostly, building verb tenses. On Sunday I will see if I can find any Nihonjin kind enough to have a little chat with me.

Ooops, sorry for rambling! I thank you again for your kindness. I've got to go now (I study Japanese & post here during ''dead times" at work you know, and I guess it's about time I start doing something for the company...) Later today, I'll try to translate some of the above into Nihongo.

Have a nice day!
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RE: おはよう ございます。

Postby Txkun » Fri 12.16.2005 4:44 am

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