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Postby Pirate Jenny » Fri 12.16.2005 12:15 am

今日は, 皆さん!初めましてどうぞ宜しく。 アリスです。 15才 です。

That, my friends, is more or less the extent of what I remember from formal Japanese lessons. :3 But there you go, I'm Alice, 15, and in 12th grade. I'm learning Japanese in my own time after a long break from training in the language, so undoubtedly I'm going to be a little rusty. TJP is a really useful site, and I hope to improve my skills on this 'ere forum, too. Thanks for payin' attention there, folks.
Pirate Jenny
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RE: 今日は!

Postby spank » Fri 12.16.2005 6:31 am

What? your in grade 12 at the age of 15?

天才ですか?!??!? genius?
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RE: 今日は!

Postby Zeo » Fri 12.16.2005 7:17 am

Hello, hello!
Welcome to this site:D
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RE: 今日は!

Postby Mariya » Fri 12.16.2005 7:53 am

Konnichiwa! Make yourself at home, and enjoy it here. Most people here are self-studying, so we can all help each other out at different points. Good luck studying~!
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