future exchange student here! (jks) lol^^ just wanna say hi!

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RE: future exchange student here! (jks) lol^^ just wanna say

Post by Infidel » Mon 01.16.2006 7:48 am

ai_love_gaara wrote:

Ai- How come your avatar of Gaara is missing his Ai tattoo?
oh, that? thats because he's chibi gaara, when he was six (kawaii!!) before he got the kanji tattoo.

nice to meet u all!;):):D:p
Thanks for answering.

I'm kinda dissapointed in Naruto right now. I'm still watching, but it is all filler episodes. Someone said that TV Tokyo said that the entire next 22 episodes after the big fight at the place of parting would be filler. Ho Hum. I was hoping it was a misquote, but each episode is looking to be true. At least the end of the filler is in sight. I'm actually hoping it skips ahead 3 years since watching 3 years of training will be almost DBZ caliber filler. "Hold off the bad guy for 40 episodes while I do nothing but act constipated" At the end you expect goku to moon the bad guy before shooting the spirit bomb at him.
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RE: future exchange student here! (jks) lol^^ just wanna say

Post by aKuMu » Mon 01.16.2006 8:07 am

true, the fillers will continue till summer or so....
back then i watched naruto instantliy when it was available, but for ~2 month i havent watched it because it just gets lame (curry of life.... or the wonderful story about finding the bug.... omg-.-)
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