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Post by Duchess » Sat 12.17.2005 12:08 pm

What a wonderful siste. I took two years of highschool Japanese but that was about 7 years ago. I have recently joined a Quilt guild that holds an annual Japanese Quilt show. As you can see here
Last year my guild made a quilt for a show that would travel around Japan, The World Quilt Carnival in Aichi, Japan in 2004.
The show has been over for quite a while but the quilt the guild made is still traveling around Japan. This year we have been asked to send over 20 quilts for another show. This is what has made me decide to relaern my Japanese. I would like to interact with our sister city in Japan more and also with the ladies that help us put on our own quilt show.
I want you to know that this is a wonderful site and I find that I did not forget as much as I thought I had. It is much easier to relaern knowing there is a site I can go to for help.

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Hello, hello

Welcome to this site

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Hey there, welcome to TJP!

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