Hello everyone!

New members may introduce themselves in this forum
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Hello everyone!

Post by Sushimaster » Tue 12.20.2005 3:39 pm

I would type in japanese but I dont have Njstar on this computer

Hello everyone my name is Andrew, I am 17, Canadian Resident and am passionate about japanese culture. I am an intermediate in the japanese language and am looking for advanced speakers to help me with my communication skills. (The lack of experience in speaking is what is holding me back badly) I am also up to help less experienced learners in any way that I can. I am willing to talk about anything from music to japanese tv dramas. Anyone who can chat on msn, please add me, im willing to talk to anyone who would like to learn from me, teach me things, or just have a serious study partner. I plan to go to Zokei University in Tokyo through a japanese government funded scholarship (I dont rememer the name of it, that is ofcoarse if everything goes well.) My main problem with the japanese language is my vocablary and listening comprehension. I would love to meet someone in my city whom I can hang out and study with. (If possible) Anywho I think this is a good site, i've known about it for awhile and never really posted anything up untill now. I hope to make many friends here.:D
Im just here to learn japanese better, if you wanna chat on msn just add me! ^-^

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RE: Hello everyone!

Post by Zeo » Tue 12.20.2005 4:06 pm


Welcome to this site;)

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