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Just joined =3

Post by emingygurl » Sun 01.01.2006 9:59 pm

I've been watching anime and reading manga for a while now and have been wanting to study Japanese. So I started looking online and found this site, which is great! I just started the Hiragana today. I'm wanting to buy some books that will help me, not only with just Hiragana but everything. Any good suggestions, I'll appreciate it! ^.^
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RE: Just joined =3

Post by clay » Sun 01.01.2006 10:30 pm

I would highly recommend choosing a textbook and sticking with it. That way you will have a self paced but structured learning method which can be supplimented by this site or others.

The two 'biggest' textbooks out there are Genki and Japanese for Busy People. Of course there are many other textbooks out there. Both Genki and JFBP are excellent. JFBP is cheaper but Genki is larger and only 2 volumes. While you can get either just about any where, we stock them in our shop:

Happy learning!

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