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New at this

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New at this

Postby SF Salazar » Sun 01.08.2006 5:31 pm

This is he First time I've joined a forum so bear with me. I been studying awhile now and i have to say muchas gracias to the site. It helped me pass my 5th phase in the Special Forces (SF) language phase ( i was close to flunking but passed with a 95%!) I also have few questions as in how to get more efficent in the Language (My fourth Language <English, Spanish, French> ) Any Help would be useful!
SF Salazar
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RE: New at this

Postby Zeo » Sun 01.08.2006 5:52 pm

Welcome to this page, have fun:);)
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RE: New at this

Postby Mariya » Sun 01.08.2006 6:14 pm

Hi there, make yourself at home! Don't worry, if you need any help, just let me know. ^_^

Fourth language, huh? That is really impressive. 94% or less would be flunk :o?

Enjoy yourself~!
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RE: New at this

Postby Daisuke » Sun 01.08.2006 6:58 pm

Welcome.. ;) .. 4 language?.. Thats really impressing.. :)
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