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Postby Rag » Tue 01.10.2006 3:10 am

I love Japanese alot. I want to learn alot. Yuo guys are so cool that you'll be here to help me every step of the way. ^_^
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RE: yoyoyo

Postby spank » Tue 01.10.2006 4:22 am

People sometimes ask me why i study japanese. I say that eventhough I've never been to the land of the rising sun, I am interested in the culture, food and language.

Then I am asked why I love Japanese? I reply because of the women and booze. Is this wrong?:o
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RE: yoyoyo

Postby ShinDig » Tue 01.10.2006 11:51 am

hmm, same could be said for yourself Chandrayee, before entering a forum, learn to respect the forum (and its rules.)

..and welcome to the site Rag :)..hope you enjoy learning here ;)..
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RE: yoyoyo

Postby Rag » Wed 01.11.2006 12:32 am

Gee, thanks bros. =P

So what does 免許皆伝 mean?

O_o;; 免 Looks kind of like usagi.
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RE: yoyoyo

Postby coco » Wed 01.11.2006 2:38 am

yes 兎 and 免 , looks very near.
wwwjdic says
免許皆伝 【めんきょかいでん】 (n) initiation into the secrets (of an art); ED
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RE: yoyoyo

Postby Rag » Thu 01.12.2006 2:02 am

I need someone who knows fluent Japanese, who does MSN instant messaging, who's online often, and who's willing to answer questions and exlain things about Japanese to me.

^_^ Anyone do msn? cy62@earthlink.net is my contect deal.

. . . Should I make a thread for this somewhere? =S
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