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Postby Nocturne » Thu 01.12.2006 12:28 am

Just another newbie throwing out a big "Hullo There" :)

I'm in love with anything & everything Japanese - especially (I think I'm too old for it though)...Anime :) And that's probably been one of the main incentives for me to start learning Japanese - can't wait for the day till I can watch without subtitles, hehe :D.
I've been visiting this site for awhile now actually, and thought it was high time I joined :) Ok, I've rambled enough.

Have a lovely day :)
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RE: *waves*

Postby sgtkwol » Thu 01.12.2006 12:29 am

Welcome to the group!!!
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RE: *waves*

Postby Daisuke » Thu 01.12.2006 10:59 am

Welcome Nocturne! ;)

I hope you'll like it here!.. You like anime? :) There is an anime section, go ahead and participate in discussions!

Good luck learning Japanese!
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RE: *waves*

Postby Zeo » Thu 01.12.2006 11:05 am

Hello and welcome! :D

Have fun while learning japanese ;) Feel free to ask questions in the forums if it's anything you're wondering about :)

- Zeo
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RE: *waves*

Postby Nocturne » Sun 01.15.2006 10:10 pm

Thankyou for the warm welcome all :)
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RE: *waves*

Postby Kamaruka » Sun 01.15.2006 10:22 pm

Youkai Tajiya
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RE: *waves*

Postby ai_love_gaara » Mon 01.16.2006 5:34 am

HI THERE! i hope you enjoy the forums here, i do too!
Isnt that funny, my big goal is to watch just ONE episode WITHOUT THE SUBS!
Good luck to both of us, i'm new too, but the reward is much greater (to watch the anime ^^ ;))

~* Ai (chan) *~
my fav simpsons epispode! ^^
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