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Postby vuilerat52 » Tue 01.17.2006 8:27 am

Hi, I'm vuilerat, I live in the Netherlands and am currently studieing japanese :D, I'm not exactly new here, I've learned a lot from this site and am currently studieing my japanese for busy people book. I hope to learn a lot from this site, and maybe make some new friends :)

P.S. sorry for my crappy english.
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RE: Hi

Postby Zeo » Tue 01.17.2006 10:22 am

Welcome to this site ;)
have fun! :D
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RE: Hi

Postby ShinDig » Tue 01.17.2006 11:18 am

Hajimemashite :) have fun here!! :)

..oh, and your english is good!! ;)..
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RE: Hi

Postby amego » Tue 01.17.2006 11:45 am

with 9000+++ members, i'm sure u'll!:D
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RE: Hi

Postby GyakuGirePanda » Tue 01.17.2006 12:34 pm

konnichiwa! Welcome to the forums. have fun.:D
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