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Postby KrazyKuban » Thu 01.19.2006 2:51 am

*stutters* Koh-nee-chee...what? Someone get me a glass of water, please. Hey, what's up. (This is a rhetorical question.) I'm KrazyKuban or Kyle (or Kire or Kai as some say.) I now am ready to one day consider myself trilingual. I'm have myself 50% blood of a Cuban, hence I'm learning Spanish. (Unfortunately, still learning.) And now, for the strangest reason in the world, I picked Japanese as a language to teach myself. Japanese as a language. I must have hit my head on something. Why the heck did I pick the most opposite language of English to learn? Had I temporarily gone insane? Had I, perhaps, awoken to a J-Rock song playing on my brother's subbed anime on weekend morning? I really haven't a clue what it was, but I've found myself today with an arsenal of learning materials that I've purchase in my right hand, a pen and pad of paper in the other, and mouth shyly reciting the following:

a, i, u, e, o, ka, ki, ku, ke...and so on and so fourth.

Yes, I four years of high school ahead of me to learn a language and a mindset of getting that plane ticket to Japan.

Again, I wasn't exactly sure why I picked Japanese to learn. I know that a trilingual note on the college resume looks impressive, but this is ridiculous. Ah well. I'm ready to take this language for a spin (a spin that probably won't end even four years from now.) And what a supplimentary board to share my troubles with the language at. The timing couldn't be better.

Well, I haven't quite figured out the arrangement of the kana on my keyboard, so I'll save myself the trouble of a laborious goodbye.

See ya!;)
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RE: Heylo

Postby Zeo » Thu 01.19.2006 11:02 am

:D Funny Introductions :D

Welcome to this forums!
I am sure you will find yourself at home here and make alot of friends!

Have fun learning Japanese! Feel free to ask on the forums if it is something you are wondering about! ;)

Have a nice day!
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