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Post by nach » Fri 01.20.2006 8:04 pm

Hello to everybody :)

I'm Nacho, from Barcelona, Spain.
I'm studying Japanese since September 2005 with a native teacher. Kanji are very difficult! But I try to do my best.

I want to learn a lot and this page can help me very much. Also I would like to meet some people and share language and talk about everything.

Thanks for reading me. I hope to participate very much in this forum.

Nacho ^_^

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RE: Hajimemashite!

Post by Zeo » Fri 01.20.2006 8:18 pm


Welcome to this site! :D
I am sure you will learn lots here. :)

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RE: Hajimemashite!

Post by GyakuGirePanda » Fri 01.20.2006 9:27 pm

Bienvenidos a los forums de thejapanese page!
estudiando espanol a mi esscuela. yo comprendo un poquito espanol.
have fun!


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RE: hi

Post by Kamaruka » Fri 01.20.2006 9:37 pm

sup welcome;)
Youkai Tajiya

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RE: Hajimemashite!

Post by ShinDig » Fri 01.20.2006 10:17 pm

hola :) nice to meet you, enjoy the site :)

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