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Postby randyrandy » Sat 01.21.2006 11:04 pm


ぼくは、 アメリカ人と日本人のハーフです。

私が、 マルそのがくせいです。

OK, anyways hello my name is Randy. This site is extremely helpful! I've been visiting this site for few months and learned a whole over 150 kanji and even some hiragana and katakana here! ^^;; Also I found some helpful study tips! Hopefully I will become more active since I finally figured out how to type in Japanese..it's quite cool! The forums here seem really friendly and organized, and have very helpful community!

My mom is also become very proud of me for finally learning and continuing Japanese and getting the grasp of Kanji!

My hobbies include studying Japanese, playing MMORPG's, and reading Harry Potter. Sometimes I go skateboard also but my outside activities have declined quite a bit. :-(

Right now I live in Texas, USA. When I was 2 or so I moved to Okinawa (A island in South Japan). It was really nice there, and hot. I liked riding the subways, and the people in the cities were very friendly (well the girls said 'kawaii' and smiled :-))! I've also been to Tokyo for Disney Land! ^^; I've also been to Shibuya before although I don't quite remember. Sadly, I moved to the USA when I was 8 years old or so. =( Hopefully I can move back to Japan and communicate with people on day!

BTW, sorry if I already had made an introduction.. I don't quite remember! ^o^ But I suppose this one is a more detailed one so... :P
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RE: Hello!!

Postby Daisuke » Mon 01.23.2006 3:24 am

Welcome.. ;)

Hmm, you've been member for quite a while, I think you might have already made an introduction :p
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RE: Hello!!

Postby randyrandy » Mon 01.23.2006 2:01 pm

Yea, sorry for I guess a 'duplicate'. Anyways hello admin! Nice to meet you. Same to you purple heart. =) Learning Japanese is definantly fun lately, it's just so cool! ^^;

Well I got to go..time for 5th period ( I'm at lunch.. ) X.X.
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