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gareth in yamanashi
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Post by gareth in yamanashi » Sun 01.22.2006 7:57 am

watashi wa gareth desu
ima Yamanashi ni sumu
Nato wa suki desu
Thats about the extent of my Japanese although I have been studying for about a year.

I hope this web site will be able to help me as I would like to be able to sail through the proficiency tests this year. I have a Japanese teacher at the moment but I tend not to use Japanese other than in my lessons, so I hope this will help me pick some stuff up.

Arigato gozaimasu

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RE: konnichiwa

Post by Daisuke » Sun 01.22.2006 8:24 am


What test are you taking this year?

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RE: konnichiwa

Post by Zeo » Sun 01.22.2006 9:15 am

Welcome to this site!

Practise your japanese? Try the chatroom or the "practise japanese" Forum section. :)

Have a nice day,
- Zeo
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RE: konnichiwa

Post by ayaito » Sun 01.22.2006 11:07 am

welcome ^_^

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RE: konnichiwa

Post by amego » Sun 01.22.2006 1:01 pm


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RE: konnichiwa

Post by ShinDig » Sun 01.22.2006 1:31 pm

hajimemashite ;)

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RE: konnichiwa

Post by GyakuGirePanda » Sun 01.22.2006 2:52 pm

welcome! i've been studying for about a year too. have fun~

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RE: konnichiwa

Post by randyrandy » Sun 01.22.2006 9:12 pm

Hello! Nice to hear you like Nato! :P I also love Nato; me and my mom tend to eat it daily with raw eggs + onions (stinkess! XD).

Good luck with the proficiency test, I'm sure lots of people here can help you out.

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RE: konnichiwa

Post by sachiko » Thu 01.26.2006 2:42 pm

Konnichiwa! Anata gareth o-namae wa desu ka? Watashi wa Sachiko-san! Dozo yoroshiku!:D O-genki desu ka? that's only a little of what i know! What I said was "Hello! Your name's Gareth? I'm Sachiko! Pleased to meet you! How are you?" i love to do that to my parents! they don't know what i'm saying! i know how to say a lot of things. if you want some help, i could. I have been studying for about 2 weeks on and off the computer. I like this site alot! well message me back! Byes-a-bye!
I like tea!

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RE: konnichiwa

Post by hamsterfreak4evr » Thu 01.26.2006 10:04 pm

welcome- i have been studying for about 2-3 weeks now I guess...hope to see you around the site! :)

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